This page documents programs that can work alongside Plucky, but only if the right Plucky rules are in place.

See also incompatibility.




To allow:

pluck + allow program:dropbox.exe

Google Drive



pluck + allow program matlabwindow.exe
pluck + allow program mathworksservicehostwindow.exe
pluck + allow program matlabwebui.exe

Microsoft Office

If using nhb or block otherwise, you will be unable to connect to Microsoft’s activation servers until you add:

pluck + allow program:wwahost.exe


This needs verification.

To allow:

pluck + allow program:minecraft.exe
pluck + allow program:java.exe


pluck + allow program:onedrive.exe

After the rule becomes effective, if OneDrive doesn’t sync right away you can force it by right-clicking on the explorer navigation menu entry for OneDrive and selecting “Always keep on this device” (Win10 v1709 and later; Files On-Demand must be turned on).


This needs verification.

pluck + allow program spotify.exe


The Steam desktop client works out of the box with Plucky installed and system turned on so long as you are satisfied with being able to log into your account, download games from your library, sync your cloud saves, and launch the games. If you only want to use those features, no compatibility tweaks are needed. Things that don’t work out of the box are the store, community hubs, support pages, and anything else that makes Steam act like a web browser (one that Plucky can’t integrate with).

The easiest safe option for dealing with these missing features is to access them in a normal web browser instead of the Steam desktop client.

The easiest unsafe option is to allow steamwebhelper.exe The reason why it’s an unsafe option is it allows Steam to behave like an unfiltered web browser. Still, there are some who this is less of an issue for and just want Steam to work like normal with system on.

pluck + allow program steamwebhelper.exe

For those who would rather put in the time configuring a solution, here are 3 different approaches to giving more internet access to the Steam desktop client; these approaches can be used in combination. If one of these works well for you, please provide feedback so this page can be improved for those who use Plucky and Steam.

  1. Import .

  2. Or, if you want to allow Steam greater access:

pluck + allow
pluck + allow
pluck + allow
pluck + allow
pluck + allow

## Optional
pluck + allow             ## only allow this if you need community hubs
pluck + block ## mitigates allowing hubs by blocking images

  1. Or, use Steam’s family view. Some storing the PIN in .

From Steam’s menu:

Help > Steam support > Steam client > Family view


pluck + allow program:teams.exe

Telegram App

Ditch the app and use . For more information, see here.

Windows App Store

To block:

pluck + block program


To allow Zoom:

pluck + allow program:zoom.exe

Last updated: 2024-06-08