The verdicts command prints recent Internet connection attempts and whether Plucky allowed or blocked them.

Note that these are different from in-browser verdicts.

pluck verdicts

Understanding the output

The pluck verdicts command will print many lines, each of which will have this form:

12:50:48.320 allow 1541 chromium [2607:f8b0:400a:0806:0000:0000:0000:200e]:80 rule allow

This line tells us that at 12:50:48 the program named chromium attempted to connect to, and Plucky allowed this connection.

This information can be useful when you want to allow or block a particular program.

Watching verdicts

It is sometimes useful to watch verdicts as they occur. That can be done in a terminal window by invoking:

pluck verdicts -f

Allowing or blocking a program

Here are some examples of allowing or blocking programs:

pluck + block program calc.exe
pluck + allow program C:\Program Files\Visual Studio\code.exe
pluck + block program C:\Program Files\Visual Studio\code.exe
pluck + allow program /bin/curl
pluck + allow ipv4 program curl
pluck + allow port 993 program thunderbird
pluck + allow user susan program code.exe

See also rules.