This page is intended for those who have used Plucky 0.99 and earlier versions and who are about to upgrade to Plucky 1.0 or above.

Getting 1.0

Download it from

Note that you will need to restart Chrome after installing the new version.

See also how to update.

New features

Plucky 1.0+ has

Firefox on Windows and macOS

Firefox is not supported on Windows or macOS unless you enable the okfirefox option, which is only available in Plucky 1.0. So, if you use Firefox, you might want to reduce your delay to 0, upgrade to 1.0, and then do:

pluck + okfirefox
pluck repair


If you lose the Internet after upgrading, and restarting your computer does not fix the problem, try this:

pluck - system

See also the troubleshooting guide.

How to “revert” with 1.0

The old “revert” simply meant to delete an allow (or block) rule associated with the current url. See how to remove a rule.