Pluckeye 0.99 has reached end-of-life, and it is no longer supported.

Fortunately, there is a replacement. Plucky 1+.

How to update to Plucky 1+

First, save your settings

First, save your existing settings to a file on your desktop named “old-pluckeye-settings.txt”.


cd %HOMEPATH%\Desktop
pluck export > old-pluckeye-settings.txt
copy old-pluckeye-settings.txt old-pluckeye-settings.bak

macOS or Linux

cd Desktop
pluck export > old-pluckeye-settings.txt
cp old-pluckeye-settings.txt old-pluckeye-settings.bak

Second, optionally reduce your delay to 0

If you are using Firefox, you’ll definitely want to do this before updating. If you have access to any other browser, you can ignore this step.

pluck + delay 0

Now wait for your delay to become 0.

Third, download a more recent version of Plucky

Download a new version using . Also, note the new look and spelling because you’ll see those again after you update.

Fourth, the installer

Find Plucky in your browser downloads and double-click that baby!

Finally, restart Chrome

Note that you will need to restart Chrome after installing a new version.

Fix Firefox

If you are using Firefox, you’ll need to run these commands to enable Firefox support:

pluck + okfirefox
pluck repair

Optionally re-import your old settings

If your old settings aren’t automatically applied to the new version, import them like so:


cd %HOMEPATH%\Desktop
pluck import < old-pluckeye-settings.txt

macOS or Linux

cd Desktop
pluck import < old-pluckeye-settings.txt

New features

Plucky 1+ has

What happened to the “revert” button?

The old “revert” simply meant to delete an allow (or block) rule associated with the current url. In newer Plucky, removing a rule is done using a “del” button. See how to remove a rule.

Last updated: 2023-10-09