A cohort is a group of users who can approve expedite requests for one another.


The Everybody cohort is a special cohort that every new user automatically joins so that new users can see what expedite is all about. Keep in mind that you can leave any cohort at any time.


Because cohorts are so valuable, users who register on https://u.pluckeye.net/ are automatically assigned to a cohort. Users who don’t want to be part of one may leave the automatically joined cohort.

You may join any of the public groups that are accepting new members.

To be involved in a cohort, you must first agree to honor the ethos of the cohort. That generally means respecting the group and those in it and acknowledging that it does not exist solely to serve you. Once that’s done, you’re in.

You may also create a private cohort for you and your friends.


You may leave any cohort you are a part of at any time.

Last updated: 2022-05-20