The flee and blot actions can be given more or less weight by specifying a score with the rule. If not explicitly specified in a flee or blot rule, the score for that rule is 1.0.

The score should generally be 1 divided by the number of times the term should appear on the page to warrant a blot or flee. So, for example, a score of 0.9 means the word “sketchy” can appear once on the page without being blocked, as long as it doesn’t appear in a really important place such as the url of the page. A score of 0.1 means the term can appear on the page 9 times without provoking a blot.

Users are not advised to make heavy use of these scores as their meaning may change in the future.


To remove images from all web pages that contain at least 3 instances of the word donut or a single instance of the phrase biscuits and gravy, and that aren’t explicitly allowed using other Plucky rules:

pluck + blot score 0.34 word donut
pluck + blot word biscuits and gravy

To flee all web pages that contain 10 instances of words that are either sausage or bacon:

pluck + flee score 0.1 word sausage
pluck + flee score 0.1 word bacon

Last updated: 0001-01-01