This page describes some ways to block bad sites.

One frequently requested feature is to block bad sites but allow images on ordinary sites. A little thought will reveal that such a simple request is actually fairly difficult to do without blocking some “good” sites or allowing some “bad” sites. If mostly is fine with you, then read on.

Those who want to allow images in general should read how to allow images by default.

Option 1: Use a DNS filtering provider and lock DNS settings

See how to enforce a dns filtering service for details.

Option 2: Use flee words and/or flee hosts.

For example, to block all pages that contain the word “pizza”:

pluck + flee word pizza

See flee for more information.

You can also try using a large flee host list.

Option 3: Use one of Plucky’s safe features

For example:

pluck + safe
pluck + nofirefox

These do not work on Android. See safe for more information.

Option 4: Use one of the public blacklists on u.pluckeye.net

As a warning, the lists on u.pluckeye.net are neither perfect nor comprehensive. But if you’re going to choose one, choose a flee-host list as it will be more effective than a block-host list.

Mix and match

You can use all of the options above at once if you like.