Most Plucky figs can contain a when modifier that causes the fig to only be effective during certain hours of the day or week. This can be used to good effect.

For example, to use a delay of 20 minutes during the day, but a delay of 4 hours after 5pm, and all day on Friday:

pluck + delay 20m
pluck + when 16-24 delay 4h
pluck + when F0-24 delay 4h

To block, except between 12:00 and 13:00 on Mondays:

pluck + block
pluck + when M12-13 unblock

In other words, you can use a when modifier to control when the corresponding fig is effective.

The format of when rules is described in hrs3.

Relative scheduling

It is possible to allow a site, only for a limited time, such as for a short shopping session.

pluck + when now+40m allow

After the shopping session is over, the ineffective rule will remove itself from the config.

Fixed date and time

It is also possible to schedule a single timeframe, where a site is allowed.

To do this, write out the start of the timeframe in the format YYYY.MM.DD.hh:mm:ss, like so:


Do the same for the end of the timeframe and put a hypen between the two time expressions:


(The expression above means “from December 31st 2024 at midnight until 1 second before January 1st 2025”)

Finally, make it into a when rule:

pluck + when 2024.12.31.00:00:00-2024.12.31.23:59:59 allow

Last updated: 2023-12-19