Sometimes you want to test out a new blocking strategy before committing to it.

Enter the try modifier.

Try rules are useful for testing new block, blot, or flee rules without committing to them just yet because unlike ordinary rules, they can be removed without any delay. For example,

pluck delay 1h
pluck + try block
pluck - try block      # block removed immediately
pluck + try flee word pizza
pluck - try flee word pizza   # flee word pizza removed immediately

Try rules are implemented using the new tag feature.

Note that the try term is required when removing the rule as well as when adding it. To convert try rules to regular rules, just add the same rules again, but without try, and remove the try rules.

The try rules render the following technique, used by savvy Plucky users who are experimenting with blocking rules, unnecessary:

    pluck + now+5m flee word pasta

Note that try does not work with delays, so do not try this.

    pluck + try delay 9999

Last updated: 2023-07-05