When something goes awry.

No Internet access

ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE in Chrome on Windows and macOS

If Chrome can not connect to the Internet, you might see a screen such as:

Note the error code: ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE.

  1. Disable the system feature using pluck - system
  2. Waiting for your delay or expedite the change so that the system feature is truly off.
  3. Restart Chrome, Brave, Edge, and any other browser.
  4. Verify that ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE no longer occurs.
  5. Enable the system feature again.
  6. Restart Chrome, Brave, Edge, and any other browser.
  7. Celebrate and return to life as normal.

Review verdicts

If you have no internet access, you should make sure you haven’t configured Plucky to block everything. You can do this by opening a console and running the pluck verdicts command.

pluck verdicts

Plucky configuration is not the problem

If the verdicts are empty, or they do not indicate a lot of blocking, the following 4 actions should be performed as a quick means of resetting the system.

  1. Try restarting your browser.

  2. Try rebooting.

  3. Try pluck repair and then rebooting.

  4. Try clicking the Plucky button, then “config”, then the button labeled “refresh”.

If you have already successfully set up configuration synchronization, you may also want to try pluck sync and pluck refresh.

you may want to disable the system feature and change your delay to 0 while troubleshooting.

pluck - system
pluck + delay 0

Occasionally, uninstalling, restarting browsers, reinstalling, and restarting browsers can resolve obscure problems. But make sure you save your configuration before uninstalling if you don’t want to lose it.

Note: Manually saving a configuration using export is unnecessary if you have already successfully set up configuration synchronization because such configurations are automatically saved to https://u.pluckeye.net/ .

cd Desktop
pluck export > pluckeye-settings.txt
pluck + delay 0
pluck uninstall

After reinstalling:

cd Desktop
pluck import pluckeye-settings.txt

If that still doesn’t fix it, read on.

No IP address, no routing, no DNS

Sometimes the computer on which Plucky is installed loses Internet access because the networking configuration on the computer itself is incorrect (typically done via DHCP when the computer turns on). The following command can test basic network access.

nslookup pluckeye.net

A successful response might look something like:


Non-authoritative answer:
Name:  pluckeye.net

If the command fails, your DNS and/or IP configuration is probably broken. You should disable Plucky’s system feature, reboot, and troubleshoot your network when Plucky isn’t operative.

pluck - system

More than one Plucky user has reasonably thought Plucky was preventing Internet access when the problem was actually a broken network card, a misconfigured router, or a problem at the Internet Service Provider.


First, be aware that Plucky on Android can be quite laggy if you have or import a large configuration. Smaller configurations work better.

Second, note that Plucky on Android will behave differently after a few days of use because of how it is updated.

Sometimes clearing the data associated with the Plucky app can fix problems. Unfortunately, clearing that data, will also clear your browser history, bookmarks, and the like. Fortunately, it won’t destroy your Plucky configuration because that is backed up to https://u.pluckeye.net/. But, if all else fails, it may be worth doing.

Unable to see images or videos on an allowed website

Usually the cause for blockage can be seen on in browser verdicts.

But occasionally, there are problems that are not reflected there. In that case, please file a bug report and be sure to include the url and a complete description of the problem.

Inexplicably able to see images and videos on all websites

If you can see images and videos on all websites, there are a few possibilities why.

Perhaps your configuration allows it

First, review the in browser verdicts to see if Plucky is configured to allow everything or to allow program chrome, allow user jane, or something similar isn’t the reason.

Perhaps you are not using the system feature

Without the system feature, many browsers have unrestricted Internet access.

Perhaps you’re on Linux and using Snaps

You can disable snaps as described on Linux Snaps.

Perhaps there is a software conflict

Plucky will either block all access or allow all access when combined with certain products, depending on your Plucky settings. Such products are usually blockers or filters such as Cold Turkey or Covenant Eyes.

Perhaps there is a bug

If none of the above are the reason, please file a bug report and be sure to include the url and a complete description of the problem. You may need to send a sysinspect snapshot to assist in diagnosing the problem.

Inexplicably able to see images and videos on a specific unallowed website

This is different from being able to see images and videos on all websites. If there is a particular website where you see images or video and you expect that you shouldn’t, there are a few possibilities.

First, review the in browser verdicts to see if Plucky is configured to allow the images.

If that doesn’t clarify why images or videos are allowed, please file a bug report and be sure to include the url and a complete description of the problem.

Perhaps you are using a browser extension that allows such media

Some extensions, such as Adblock Plus, replace a page’s ads with their own. Because these ads come from “elsewhere”, they are allowed. To prevent this, remove the extension and if necessary, block installation of it by using

pluck + block https://chrome.google.com/webstore

A program does not work when Plucky is installed

See verdicts, program compatibility, and how to allow a program.

For example, you can allow a program named “skype” with a per-program rule.

I notice my CPU “spinning”. Does Plucky slow down Firefox and/or my computer?

Sometimes. In particular, some common sites such as

contain advertising-related javascript that reacts poorly to the advertisements being blocked. Such javascript will sometimes cause the CPU to “spin in a loop” while it tries continuously to load ads.

If you notice your CPU is being heavily utilized by Firefox, close some tabs until the CPU spinning goes away. Alternatively, you can close your browser completely and restart it.

I’m still stuck

If this page did not help you and if your problem isn’t a bypass, then you might try the following places for more help:

  1. the private Plucky forum

  2. Plucky chat (with other users)

  3. Plucky’s support channel

If your problem is a bypass, please use the bypass page to report it. If you need to send a message directly to Jon, you can use the contact page.

In case of emergency

If you have a delay greater than 1 hour, you have lost Internet access, you have already registered on the https://u.pluckeye.net/, and you really need Internet restored ASAP, you can try:

pluck - system
pluck expedite

That will generate an expedite request to immediately disable the system feature.

Last updated: 2024-01-16