This page documents programs that can work alongside Plucky, but only if the right Plucky rules are in place.

See also incompatibility.


To allow:

pluck + allow program:dropbox.exe

Microsoft Office

If using nhb or block otherwise, you will be unable to connect to Microsoft’s activation servers until you add:

pluck + allow program:wwahost.exe


This needs verification.

To allow:

pluck + allow program:minecraft.exe
pluck + allow program:java.exe


This needs verification.

pluck + allow program spotify.exe


This needs verification.

pluck + allow program steamwebhelper.exe
pluck + allow program steam.exe

Some also use Steam’s family view. Some storing the PIN in .

From Steam’s menu:

Help > Steam support > Steam client > Family view


pluck + allow program:teams.exe

Telegram App

Ditch the app and use . For more information, see here.

Windows App Store

To block:

pluck + block program