Actions such as allow, block, flee, or blot can have their priorities modified by a + symbol to raise priority, or a - symbol to lower priority.

Priority is a Plucky mechanic that is invisible to the user, but is essential in determining which rules should be preferred against overlapping rules.

Examples of priority

Here are some examples of overlapping rules, and which one has priority.

block image

Images are blocked generally, but is allowed as a specific host, so allow has priority.

allow otherwise
block program code.exe

Most things are allowed by default, but block code.exe has priority because it is a specific block rule.

flee word tacos
unflee host word tacos

The word “tacos” is fled on all hosts except wikipedia because a specific exception has been made for it via unflee.

The above 3 examples show that Plucky prefers to give priority to more specific actions over less specific actions in cases where rules overlap.

Manually overriding priority

There are cases where it’s useful to manually prioritize a rule that go beyond the typical “more specific > less specific” function.

Some obvious examples of such use-cases would be focus sessions for work or studying, or aiding sleep by removing distractions. This is where the + and - symbols are useful.

To manually override an action’s priority, append + to the action to raise its priority or - to lower it.

Most priority to least


Block more during sleep time

Block regularly allowed sites during sleep time, but leave one or two very important things accessible. In the following example, facebook and instagram will be blocked during from 11pm until 7am, but gmail will be allowed, and so will VS Code because programs are unaffected by block+ text.

allow program:code.exe
when 0-7,23-24 block+ text


Quickly set up a focus session for study or work. A delay pattern is made ahead of time to allow a study site URL immediately.

delay 0 "+ allow"
when now+2h block+ otherwise
when now+2h allow++

allow outranks blot

While this behavior may change in the future, as of 2024-01-18, any kind of allow will outrank any kind of blot. To apply a blot to an “allowed” host or url, instead make the host or url an “unblocked” host or url.

Instead of this:

pluck + allow
pluck + blot+ word pizza

Do this:

pluck + unallow
pluck + blot word pizza

Last updated: 2024-01-18