These are questions nobody ever asks, but theoretically might think.

Why can’t I see the contents of public blacklists on

The content of the blacklists are hidden by default because some people report that the textual content in blacklists can trigger behavior they are trying to change.

Why can’t I publish (make public) my general configuration on

Currently only admins can publish general configurations. General configurations may contain powerful rules like block everything, which overrides other rules. Since users can import public configurations into their own configurations, if anyone could publish general configurations, someone might import a very restrictive configuration into their own without realizing how restrictive it is. You can still publish other types of configurations, though.

Why can’t I assign an import list to my device?

TL;DR: Use a general configuration; it can import just as well.

Currently only general configurations can be assigned to devices. This is because other configuration types are limited in the kinds of rules they can contain, and a user should never be prevented from adding a rule to their local configuration (though some rules are subject to their delay). For example, if you had an import list assigned to your device and you ran pluck + allow, it would be impossible to add the rule, since “allow” rules cannot appear in import lists. (In theory the rule could be added to one of the configurations listed in the import list, but there is no good way of determining which one of these it should be added to.)

Why can’t I import one of my general configurations into my import list?

Unpublished (i.e., private) general configurations cannot be imported into import lists, for the same reason that only admins can publish general configurations. To get around this, you can use a general configuration (which can import any configuration type) instead of an import list.

How do I install Linux?

What is the name Andoff from?

We were going to call it Handoff, but as we had decided after years to rename “Pluckeye” (a truly beloved name) to “Plucky” because the latter does not necessarily imply a problem with lust, we thought perhaps we could cut to the chase and avoid having to rename Handoff to Andoff down the line by using Andoff from the get-go. If Handoff doesn’t make sense to you either, perhaps you are unfamiliar with these words from Jesus. Here’s an exerpt:

… And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, …, And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off

– Matthew 5:27-30, KJV

Think about it.

Actually, think really deeply about it because the passage above is way more life changing than the software known as Andoff (or Plucky).

Last updated: 2023-11-04