Try it out!

  1. Visit the first demo page.

  2. Click the Plucky button (P) in the upper right corner of your browser. Note that it may be hidden under Chrome’s extensions button (PUZZLE).

  3. Click input area to the right of the input control labeled “location”.

  4. Select

  5. Click the button that says, “allow".

  6. You should see an image load!

  7. Click the Plucky button again.

  8. Click “config”.

  9. Change your delay to 30 seconds.

  10. Visit the second demo page.

  11. Click the Plucky button.

  12. Click the selection field just to the right of the word “allow”.

  13. Select “” to allow all images from all urls on

  14. Click the button that says, “allow”.

  15. You should not see an image!

  16. After 30 seconds, click “refresh” to reload the page.

  17. You should see the image load!

  18. Click the Plucky button again.

  19. Click “verdicts”.

  20. Find a line with “” (you can use Ctrl-F to search for

  21. Click on the area.

  22. Click the “delete” button to delete the rule you added.

  23. On, the image should disappear.

Those are the basics. The other really important thing to understand is the system feature, as it is what will block programs other than Chrome.

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