Do not uninstall, just update

When updating Plucky, do not uninstall your existing Plucky installation first. If you do, you will lose your accumulated Plucky settings. Instead, just install right on top of it.

Do not run pluck repair

After the browser is restarted, if you can not connect to the Internet, do not run pluck repair. Sometimes the update process takes longer than expected, and if pluck repair is run while the update is occurring, you may inadvertently bork both the old and new Plucky installations, lose Internet, and need to manually update by:

  1. using another computer to download the Plucky installer from ,

  2. transferring the Plucky installer onto the borked machine, perhaps by using a thumb drive , and

  3. running the Plucky installer on the borked machine.

It is hoped that the pluck repair bug should be fixed in Plucky 1.15.11, but update bugs are hard bugs to completely irradicate.

Manually downloading an update

Modern Plucky can be download from

Restart Chrome

Note that you will need to restart Chrome after installing a new version.

Reboot Windows, macOS, or Linux

After updating, it is often a good idea to restart the computer.

Last updated: 2023-11-03