This page shows how to configure Chrome to use “safe” DuckDuckGo by default with the result that when you type something in the location bar in Chrome and hit <enter>, DuckDuckGo is used by default.

This page is not meant to imply DuckDuckGo’s safe search is better than any other search engine; DuckDuckGo is used for illustrative purposes.

The following screenshots were taken using Chromium 85 on Linux; your local version of Chrome (or Chromium, Brave, Edge, Vivaldi, etc.) will have cosmetic differences.

First, visit chrome://settings/search .

Then, click “Search engine”.

A long list of search engine options should appear. Click “Add”.

A dialog should appear. Enter:

safe duckduckgo

Find “safe duckduckgo” in the list of engines. Right click on the 3 dots. Click “Make default”.


(note this image incorrectly shows “my safe duckduckgo” instead of “safe duckduckgo”. Oh well.

Plucky v1.0.10+ has several features you can use to enforce safe searching and browsing.

Last updated: 2022-06-09