Peter has a habit of spending too much time scrolling through Twitter and Facebook, and wants to use Plucky to restrict, but not totally block, his access to them. After installing Plucky, Peter opens a console window and runs the clear command:

pluck clear

This removes all of Plucky’s default rules, including the ones that block images and videos. (Peter isn’t interested in blocking images or videos, but just particular websites.) He then adds two when rules by running:

pluck + when 0-14,15-24 block
pluck + when 0-14,15-24 block

These rules block Facebook and Twitter at all times except from 2 pm (14) to 3 pm (15) every day. This lets Peter reign-in his use of social media without removing it completely. Peter uses the Plucky browser extension to set his delay to 2 minutes (pluck delay 2 minutes) so he can get used to how Plucky works, but can quickly recover if he makes a mistake or realizes Plucky is causing problems for another program on his computer. After using Plucky for a few days and seeing that it is working the way he hoped, he enables the system feature and sets his delay to 1 hour using the browser extension.

Last updated: 2022-05-19