Read the docs online

Introductory questions about Plucky are usually answered by reading the overview and the frequently asked questions (faq) pages. If Plucky seems to be misbehaving, try reading troubleshooting first.

If you have a specific question, notice that the manual supports searching (see the upper left corner of this page). Give it a try, and if you’re old enough, reminisce about how simple Internet search was in the last millennium.

Chat with Plucky staff directly

You can chat with Plucky staff using the “Chat” bubble that appears on this very web page ( when Plucky staff are signed in. If no Plucky staff are signed in, the bubble won’t show at the bottom of the page.

Report bugs

If you’ve encountered a bug, report it using .

Report bypasses

If you’ve encountered a bypass or a potential bypass, report it using .

Please do not report bypasses where other Plucky users hang out (such as in the forum or Plucky user chat), lest in so doing, you inadvertently lead others astray.

Use the private forum

If you have an account on , you can post messages in the private Plucky forum at . But be sure to read the forum rules first!

You can also chat with staff or send direct messages to staff on .

Ask other users to expedite a change

If you want to expedite a change, you can ask other users to help you on .

Email support a.t.

Ah, so relieving. Live like it’s 1998!

Use the contact form

If for some reason the other methods fail, you can resort to the contact form. But the contact form gets a lot of noise, so do not use this method if you can choose any other method on this page.

Use SMS or phone

See the “Lost Internet” section below.

Lost Internet?

Wait a second, if you’ve lost the Internet, how are you reading this?!!

Seriously, use the Internet to contact us if at all possible.

In the unlikely event that your Internet access is completely messed up by Plucky and you can’t uninstall it, you may text +1 (909) 758-6028 and mention “Plucky help” or phone +1 (909) 758-6028 and ask for Jay. He’s an ordinary person, like you, who has volunteered to take such calls. He lives in the U.S., somewhere between GMT-0400 and GMT-0700 and sleeps at night so be aware of this before you call. If there’s no answer, please leave a message with your name, country, and phone number. If there’s no urgency, please use one of the resources above instead of phoning. Thanks!

Last updated: 2024-01-20