Introductory questions about Plucky are usually answered by reading the overview and the frequently asked questions (faq) pages.

For problems, see troubleshooting before asking for support.

After you have registered on , support can often be had in the private Plucky forum and sometimes in support chat.

If you need to contact the Plucky team directly, use the contact form.

Lost Internet?

Wait a second, if you’ve lost the Internet, how are you reading this?!!

Seriously, use the Internet to contact us if at all possible.

In the unlikely event that your Internet access is completely messed up by Plucky and you can’t uninstall it, you may text +1 (909) 758-6028 and mention “Plucky help” or phone +1 (909) 758-6028 and ask for Jay. He’s an ordinary person, like you, who has volunteered to take such calls. He lives in the U.S., somewhere between GMT-0400 and GMT-0700 and sleeps at night so be aware of this before you call. If there’s no answer, please leave a message with your name, country, and phone number. If there’s no urgency, please use one of the resources above instead of phoning. Thanks!

Last updated: 2022-05-19