See also frequently asked questions (faq) and never asked questions.

How do I block youtube every 20 minutes throughout the day?

Plucky limits the internal representation of rules to somewhere around 256 characters. Very long schedules will break this.

Fortunately, when rules can be broken into pieces fairly easily.


pluck + when 0900-0920,0940-1000,1020-1040,1100-1120,1140-1200,1220-1240 allow
pluck + when 1300-1320,1340-1400,1420-1440,1500-1520,1540-1600,1620-1640 allow
pluck + when 1700-1720,1740-1800,1820-1840,1900-1920,1940-2000,2020-2040 allow
. . .

How do I block downloads from all sites by default?

pluck + block application/download

How can I allow everything as normal except google images?

pluck clear
pluck + block image/
pluck + allow image/svg+xml

Does the minus command revert or block a website?

Neither! The “minus” command, A.K.A. the remove command, simply removes a rule.

In the following example, the + (A.K.A. add or plus), command is used to allow all content from

pluck + allow

What if you decide you no longer want all content from You need to remove the rule! How do you do that? The - (A.K.A. del or remove or minus) command!

pluck - allow

If you have more rules to remove, you can find them at the command line:

pluck find example

or, using the search field under timeline on the config tab of the interface in the browser.

If my delay was 4 days and I changed it to 1, after 2 days, I notice that changes are only delayed 2 more days. Is that right?

Yes. Plucky uses a rolling delay internally. This is not reflected in the command line or browser interfaces that present the delay.

Stop worrying!

pluck + delay 4d
pluck + delay 10
sleep $(( 3600 * 24 * 4 - 20 )) # wait 4 days minus 20 seconds
pluck + allow       # will be allowed in 20 seconds, not 4 more days

I like Plucky, I have money, and I want to support Plucky, but I hate subscriptions. How can I support the project?

Some options:

  1. Pay for a subscription, and then cancel it the next day. And then just pretend it’s not a subscription. If you’re still using Plucky in a year, re-evaluate its value to you then.

  2. You can donate using Paypal or Bitcoin, and then take one or more freebies to satisfy the remuneration system.

  3. You can do some work instead of giving money. Spreading the word is pretty easy and rather needed. Even simply voting for Plucky on sites such as , or filling out a positive review in the Play Store helps Plucky gain visibility. We could use lots of help. ;-)

  4. If you are willing to refuse all future updates to Plucky, all improvements, bug fixes, security improvements, and the like, to pretend that Plucky is like a physical object such as a chair that is “one and done”, to never ask for support, then I’d be willing to sell you a copy instead of a subscription. As a warning, though, this probably means the product will only work for 2 years, tops, because computers, software, and the Internet changes.

How do I allow or unblock Microsoft teams?

On Windows:

pluck + allow program teams.exe

How can I block nearly every site for short periods of time to improve my focus on work?

See focus.

How can I prevent myself from accessing google images while at home but allow it from work?

One way this can be accomplished is to use a restrictive setup, but to get in the habit of using expedite daily as you start work. For example

pluck + delay 12h
pluck + block image/

And everyday, as you are about to start your 7-hour workday, do the following to create an expedite request:

pluck + when now+7h allow
pluck expedite

If you know you always work from 9am to 4pm, you can of course, simply do the following instead:

pluck + when 9-16 allow

If you ever want to block images because it turns out you aren’t in fact working during your normally scheduled hours and are feeling tempted, you can block images from for a day.

pluck + when now+1d block image/

If you want to allow a number of sites, you can create a special work configuration, and then do this:

pluck + when now+7h import:11111111-2222-3333-4444-adecafdecade  # <- replace this with the configuration uuid
pluck expedite

See expedite.

How can I unblock the discord app?

See verdicts, here, and here.

How do I allow Microsoft Word documents?

It depends on your configuration, but if you have blocked all documents by default, then you’d need to allow word files like so.

First, you can find the correct media type for .doc and .docx files:

pluck mety a.doc
pluck mety a.docx

Then, you allow those types, either by default:

pluck + allow application/msword
pluck + allow application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document

Or, only for specific domains or urls:

pluck + allow application/msword
pluck + allow application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document

How do I get past a CAPTCHA on ?

  1. Close all tabs.

  2. Restart Chrome.

  3. Try logging in again.

  4. Check verdicts; be sure to view verdicts from all tabs.

  5. See what resource is blocked and either delete the rule that blocks it, or add a new rule to allow it.

How do I enforce safe search on Plucky on Android?

You can enable the safe feature.

Why is Plucky reminding me to remunerate? I have subscribed.

Have you restarted your browser after subscribing? You must.

Another reason this can happen is if you have created a second account on Note that creating multiple account on violates the terms of service, so you shouldn’t do this in the first place. But if you have, check your email history for an invoice and note the email address the invoice was sent to. Close all other accounts on, and then either wait a few days for protective delay periods to elapse, or request mercy from Plucky staff to fix your device records manually on your behalf.

How do I make my friend my approver?

Create an invite for your friend on as alluded to on how to get supporters. Your friend may want to read about approvers or inspectors after they create their account so they know how to fulfill their role.

How do I subscribe for a different amount?

Visit and subscribe again using the same email address. The old subscription will be canceled and the difference prorated automatically.

Is Windows 11 supported?

Yes, mostly. Those using Plucky earlier than 1.10.23 should run:

pluck repair
pluck + block searchhost.exe

How do I use Playonlinux?

pluck + allow

How do I set the delay of my device or user on ?

The ability to set device and user-specific delays was removed in mid 2021 because too few seemed to understand the concept and because less complexity is generally preferable. Such delays are now derived from the device’s main configuration or the user’s primary configuration. So, to increase the configuration assignment delay, one can do so by increasing the general delay of their primary configuration.

If you want a larger or smaller device (configuration assignment) and/or user (supporter) delay for some reason, please make a suggestion on describing what you want and why.

Why are images are allowed on all websites?

Images are not allowed by default, but Plucky can be configured to do that.

Has the default rule for blocking images disappeared?

pluck find block image/

If that rule is present, then maybe another rule is taking precedence, such as “allow program chrome.exe”. See verdicts in the browser to figure out why images are allowed.

If the default image blocking rule is gone, it can be added it like so:

pluck + block image/

One might also want to also block videos. See how to allow images by default for more help.

How do I add an exception to block everything?

It is not possible to override block everything; it is the highest priority rule there is.

If you want to block /most/ things, use an unadorned block (also known as block otherwise).

pluck + block
pluck + block otherwise     # means the same thing

See also focus.

How do I transfer ownership of my device to somebody else?

You have 2 options:

  1. Instead, transfer the user to somebody else by changing the email address, giving somebody else the password, and having them then change the password.

  2. Remove any non-public imported configurations from the device, and then “liberate” the device on the device’s page.

How do I unblock thunderbird or some other mail client?

Or you can allow the typical mail-related ports, although this by itself may be insufficient if you use a mail providers that requires OATH authentication over https (gmail is one such provider).

pluck + allow port 993
pluck + allow port 995
pluck + allow port 587

If you want to temporarily allow the OATH authentication, you can allow all traffic on port 443 for your mail client for the next few minutes while you authenticate for the first time.

pluck + when now+3m allow port 443 program thunderbird.exe

If you have other problems using an email client, see verdicts to determine what exactly you need to allow for the email client to work.

My delay is non-zero, but changes I make are instant. Why is that?

This can occur if you have other delays. Try:

pluck delays

How do I change my username on Plucky sites?

  1. Visit your profile .

  2. Click the “Edit” button to the right of your name.

Why does tell me I’m posting too fast?

The private Plucky forum has some rather unusual posting limits. Isn’t more and faster generally better? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Welcome to an experiment in waiting, and the reason for it follows:

  1. Those who learn they can only post so often will hopefully learn to post thoughtfully and carefully. Short and snarky posts, be gone!

  2. If any one user can only post so often, the forum will not dominated by any one person, other than perhaps the moderators. Hopefully this encourages more participation from those who might other wise remain silent.

  3. In times past every so often a forum participant would come along and do as much damage as they could. Let’s limit that.

This is an experiment to see if such limits increase the overall quality of posts.

The experiment is likely to change over time, probably allowing more frequent posting. But until that happens, please be patient and try not to get too frustrated. You’re not the only one they are aimed at; everybody has them.

Those who don’t want to wait may find useful for faster back-and-forth discussion.

Can I flee a Chinese or Japanese character?

Not completely, not yet anyway. Maybe eventually.

How can I completely remove an old rule from my timeline?

Click the purge button. Or, run pluck trim. This will not, however, delete the old rule from because that could defeat accountability. Old rules may be purged from after 30 days.

How do I allow zoom on Windows?

One (or more!) of the following, depending on which version of Windows you have:

pluck + allow program zoom.exe
pluck + allow program C:\Program Files\Zoom\bin\zoom.exe
pluck + allow program C:\Program Files (x86)\Zoom\bin\zoom.exe

Is Plucky open source?

No, it is not.

Can I customize the block page?

Yes. The block page can be changed.

  1. Click Plucky button in browser.

  2. Click the word “options” at the bottom of the page.

  3. Choose your block page preference, and click “save”.

Yes. If you’re using a browser other than Firefox, there should be an “options” link at the bottom of Plucky’s block page.

Why can’t I see images on this website?

See verdicts in the browser to figure out why images are blocked. On rare occasions, a website will look blocked simply because it contains broken images for every visitor.

How do I allow or block Office on Windows?

One (or more!) of the following, depending on which version of Windows you have:

pluck + allow program word.exe
pluck + allow program C:\Program Files\Zoom\bin\word.exe
pluck + allow program C:\Program Files (x86)\Zoom\bin\word.exe

I can’t tell if I have uninstalled Plucky from my macOS machine. Have I?

Open a terminal and run

pluck version

If you see pluck: command not found, then you have uninstalled.

Note that must restart your browser after uninstalling Plucky.

How can I block 300 hosts at the same time?

The easiest way is to create a blocked hosts list, and to import that list into your main configuration.

As a new user, how do I configure Plucky?

See how to install, watch a few how-to videos, and then see the manual pages on how to configure. If you’re still having trouble, see troubleshooting.

How do I block all images on discord?

pluck + block image/

See also here

How do I block,, etc.?

Download amazon.txt.

Then, open a terminal and run

cd Downloads
pluck import-block amazon.txt

How do I allow my email client?

Allowing mail ports may be the easiest way.

pluck + allow port 465
pluck + allow port 587
pluck + allow port 993
pluck + allow port 995

This probably applies to Thunderbird, Spark, Apple Mail, Outlook, Mailbird, Mailspring, Alpine, offlineimap, and other email clients.

How do I block downloads of .dmg files?

pluck + block application/x-apple-diskimage

In general, any file extension can be converted to a media type using pluck mety. E.g.,

pluck + mety a.dmg      # application/x-apple-diskimage

How do I block images only on adult sites?

See how to block only bad sites.

How do I block on macOS and telegram on macOS?

See program compatibility on macos.

How come I can’t create a very large configuration?

Plucky has not been tuned to accept large configurations. To avoid this, reduce the size of your configuration.

If you are trying to create a large black list, realize that a small or moderately sized flee host list or flee word list is more effective and uses fewer resources.

Plucky is hard to use. How do I do X?

Maybe see how to configure, commands, frequently asked questions (faq), how to get help, or search this site.

How do I delete my user account on

Visit and click the big red button labeled close account.

Note that if you are a subscriber, deleting your user account on does not terminate your subscription. See the unsubscribe page for that.

Where do I enter pluck + on Android?

On Android, you never use pluck +, anywhere. See how to configure.

How can I block the YouTube homepage but still watch any video I find?

pluck + block
pluck + allow

See also youtube.

How can I block all of YouTube except for a specific list of channels?

See .

How can I block GIFs? If I have videos blocked, does this mean GIFs are blocked?

To block all GIFs by default, use: pluck + block image/gif.

Since the media type for GIFs is image/gif, Plucky considers GIFs to be images. So if you have images blocked, GIFs will be blocked, but if you have images allowed and you do not use the rule above, then GIFs will be allowed, even if you have videos blocked.

Why can’t I download an old version of Plucky?

Old versions of Plucky have been used as a means of bypassing Plucky in the past. This is one of the awkward parts of maintaining self-control software.

Why can’t I install a new version manually?

If you already have Plucky installed, you are expected to update using the “Update button” in the browser, and nothing else. See to control how frequently you are prompted to update.

How can I block images in all programs?

We have no idea. Plucky does not do that. Plucky can block network access of arbitrary programs, but it can not block images in arbitrary programs.

How can I disable expedite?

The easiest way to disable expedite is to simply remove all approvers and to leave all cohorts on .

One can also disable expedite with the noexpedite feature.

How can I make youtube work only from 10:00 to 11:00 each day?

It depends on whether your configuration allows or blocks images or videos by default as well as whether you have any other youtube rules in your configuration.

It also depends on whether you want to block only the youtube site, or if you want to block all embedded youtube videos from across the web.

If you have no other rules (or only allow some specific videos), the following should allow you to block the youtube site ( from 10-11 each day.

pluck + when 10-11 allow
pluck + when 0-10,11-24 block

Why do I see “Warning: Unresponsive script” when using Plucky on Android?

Warning: Unresponsive script

A script on on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: moz-extension://…

If you see this message, it is almost certainly because your configuration is too big for your slow Android device. See here.

Why can’t I install Plucky on macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, or macOS El Capitan?

If you see a window that Plucky “failed to download”, the problem is that Apple stopped updating the https certificates for your device in 2021. See how to install on macos for how to fix this.

How do I know I can trust Plucky not to spy on me?

How would I know whether anyone on the Plucky development team could just read all my passwords or credit card info when I am typing them on any website?

Not to be snarky, but how would you know if somebody on the Microsoft team could do the same? Or the Chrome team? Or the Firefox team? Or the Intel team? Or the Mastercard team? Or the U.S. Bank team? Or the IRS team? Or your doctor? Or your school? Or your ISP? Or the Asus team that makes your router? Or the Tesla team? And so on. If you go far enough down the road of distrust, life gets complicated rather quickly. But we’ve now gone pretty far afield from the original question.

It is difficult to answer this question briefly without explaining a whole lot about modern code signing practices. And, after all that is explained, the reader might be led to believe that any software downloadable over the Internet can be trusted, which is certainly not the case. Nevertheless, we’ll give it a go.

Plucky is electronically signed by a legal entity: Single Eye Software LLC, incorporated in Washington state in the United States of America. That corporation is owned by Jon Wilkes, who would much rather be private rather than a “public” figure, but who is public specifically so that Plucky users have some idea who is behind the software they use. Jon lives in the U.S., he has a family, and he much prefers his current lifestyle of sleeping in bed with his wife and seeing his kids daily rather than sleeping on a cot in a prison in a cell with another man. The electronic signatures in Plucky uses on Windows and macOS require legal verification to obtain. This might be hard for the uninitiated to deduce, but both Windows and macOS will tell you whether software is signed when you install it. That signature is meant ultimately to hold the software publisher accountable for what the software does, i.e., to make sure those who create it can be punished if they do something malicious.

That’s probably your best assurance: our skin is in the game so to speak.

But before we close out this question, perhaps it is worth considering a small thought experiment.

Imagine the assurances above did not exist, that Plucky was made by a malicious and non-punishable entity, but it still has the same features that the real Plucky has. Would you use Plucky anyway? If you work for a nuclear power plant or are otherwise have a computer that contains data that is valuable to society as a whole, we hope your answer is a resounding no, but other readers – the average Joes – are encouraged to read on.

Imagine two average Joes who have different answers to this question. Imagine Bob, who feels parts of the Internet are seriously damaging to his person, but who prioritizes computer security above all else. He chooses not to use Plucky, lest some other entity commit fraud using his credit cards, despite the fact he can find no more trustworthy software to help him with his Internet problem (ignore the fact that most credit card companies guarantee to protect their users from fraud). Then imagine Sam, who like Bob, feels parts of the Internet are seriously damaging to his person, and who despite knowing his computer is going to be completely given over to serving “his data” (whatever that means) to “malicious entities”, decides to use Plucky anyway. Is Sam foolish? Or is Bob? Imagine the lives Bob and Sam live after this. Bob keeps using the Internet, to his own detriment and has no fraudulent credit card problems. Imagine “the worst” happens to Sam and he has both substantial, actual credit and identity problems (even if this is unrealistic), but Sam also has had no more problems with the Internet damaging his soul. Who has chosen the better course?

In other words, if you had to choose between securing your computer and escaping a hellish addiction, which would you choose? If you would choose the former, please do not use Plucky.

Let us repeat that to be absolutely clear: if you care more about computer security than about your own soul, please do not use Plucky (now or ever) and instead, go look in the nearest mirror to see how absolutely incredible you are. You are worth more!

Why is the Internet blocked in Safari when I enable the system feature?

Safari is not supported. See browsers.

Why is this particular thing allowed or blocked?

Often when this question is asked, the reason is that the Plucky configuration says not to allow or block the particular thing.

See verdicts in the browser or verdicts to understand why Plucky is or isn’t blocking something.

Can I enable YouTube’s restricted mode only for certain users?

See here.

pluck + allow
pluck + nofirefox
node whatever.js &
firefox &

How can I change my name on

  1. Change your login name on

  2. Log out of discourse using the log-out button (click upper right corner profile picture, then log out).

How can I subscribe but disable automatic renewal?

After you subscribe, you can unsubscribe at . The subscription shouldn’t actually terminate until the end of the current payment period.

How can I block images and videos on most websites but allow images and videos on YouTube, but block pages on YouTube that contain the word, “pizza”?

pluck + block image/
pluck + block video/
pluck + unblock image/
pluck + unblock video/
pluck + flee word pizza

How can I block browser access during certain times of the day?

There are many ways.

One way is to block most browsing from midnight to 7am, using a high priority block (block+) on text/.

pluck + when 0-7 block+ text/

Where is the Plucky button?

Usually the Plucky button appears in your browser (Brave, Chrome, Edge, or Vivaldi).

When you install Plucky on Windows, you are prompted to choose which browsers to support. If you did not choose your browser(s) of choice, you will get no buttons.

If you are using Windows and Edge, you may need to really restart Edge, which is tricky to do because it continues running in the background when you close its main window. Logging out of Windows and back in will really close Edge.

Otherwise, to get the buttons you might try:

pluck + okbrave
pluck + okchrome
pluck + okedge
pluck + okvivaldi

How can I enforce a 24 hour delay on uninstall?

pluck + delay 1d "- ^feature:nouninstall"
pluck + nouninstall

How do I uninstall when I am promted to remunerate?

See how to uninstall.

After using block application/download, how do I allow a downloads from a

pluck + allow

Can I subscribe using a bank transfer or SEPA?

Sorry, no. The subscription system is based on a version of Stripe that does not support those things.

Can I subscribe using a crypto currency?

Sorry, no.

How do I unify all my devices under one account on ?

For those who have created multiple accounts before learning that doing so violates the terms of service.

  1. Log in to using the second account.

  2. Visit .

  3. Click on each owned device, and on its device page, click “liberate”.

  4. Close the account by clicking “close” on .

  5. Log in to using your true account from each device.

How do I block a site blocked by an imported configuration?

You can use pluck unblock. For example, if is blocked by the imported configuration, then the following will unblock bing:

pluck + unblock

How can I block all of reddit by default, but allow certain subreddits?

Use the block text/html trick:

pluck + block text/html
pluck + allow

How can I allow Python code to access some web hosts, but not others?

One way:

pluck + nhb
pluck + allow program python.exe

Another way:

pluck + block program python.exe
pluck + allow program python.exe

How can I override a flee rule on a specific web page?

If you allow text for a url or host, neither flee nor blot will take effect.

For example, to flee the word “illustrative”, but not on, without allowing images on

pluck + flee word illustrative
pluck + allow text/

Another way:

pluck + flee word illustrative
pluck + unflee word illustrative

What does block early:true mean and how do I avoid it?

The most common cause of a persistent block early:true page when using Pluckeye on Android is a configuration that is too large. See android for more information about configuration size and performance effects on Android.

On Windows, macOS, or Linux, block early:true can occr for a number of reasons. Usually it only lasts a second, but sometimes it lasts longer, especially on versions of Plucky that have certain bugs. In Plucky 1.16.x this can occur, for example, when the computer is first powered on after a nightly blackout (e.g., pluck + when 0-5,21-24 block everything). Usually, simply waiting about 2 minutes and restarting the browser makes the problem go away. Less frequently, pluck repair is needed to resolve the problem.

Can I make a Plucky rule specific to Android?

Those who use a common configuration between their devices sometimes want to use special rules for android. This can be accomplished by adding program:tober to the rule because tober is the internal name of Pluckeye on Android.

pluck + block program:tober

For the curious, the name tober is a shortening of Text-Only-BrowsER, and it was first released in ocTOBER (2017).

Can I allow all programs by default but then block specific ones?

One way to do it:

pluck + allow port 443
pluck + allow port 80
pluck + system
pluck + block program bad

Another way:

pluck + allow everything
pluck + block+ program bad

See verdicts for more tips on how to allow or block programs.

Is there a way to subscribe without a credit card?

Not at present; we use Stripe to process payments and we have not yet updated to a version that will allow other payment methods, such as iDEAL.

You can donate using Paypal or Bitcoin, and then take one or more freebies to satisfy the remuneration system.

Is the Arc Browser supported?

Experimental support for Arc is available in Plucky 1.14.41+, and can be unleashed with pluck + okarc.

Is it possible to allow database urls such as postgresql://localhost ?

Usually, to allow postgres:

pluck + allow port 5432

How can I view all rules for a specific sites such as youtube?

pluck find youtube
pluck find -r youtube

Or, use the search field above the timeline in the interface in the browser.

How can I use incognito mode?

Some Pluckers avoid incognito mode by installing multiple browsers and using different ones for different tasks. Plucky can be used with Brave, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, and some less common Chrome variants.

If you still want incognito mode, even if it means Plucky does no filtering, there is the okincognito feature.

Why can’t I install Plucky on Windows?

Do you use Norton Antivirus by chance?

They are the only Antivirus vendor that does not responsibly accept reports of “false positives.”

You can not use Plucky with Norton.

How can I block view-source?

pluck + block view-source:

How much does Andoff cost?

Officially, Andoff comes with a Plucky subscription. See for pricing.

But because we haven’t made final determination about Andoff pricing, it is actually (shhh!) available for free until we decide what to do. It is possible the “free trial” will extend until the end of the world.

Is Andoff easy to disable?

Well, yes, if you have a zero delay or have elected to use password protection and you know the password.

But most Andoff users don’t do those things, and in that case, no, it is nigh impossible to disable, remove, or bypass.

How can I block (or flee) a million or more hosts?

Because configurations are synchronized and because Plucky servers aren’t particularly beefy, a single user using a large configuration can hamper service for all users. Hence, non-subscribers are no longer permitted to create such large lists without special permission.

Subscribers who want to create a large block host list or flee host list should be aware that large lists carry some downsides, such as making Pluckeye on Android nigh unusable because it becomes so slow. Consider instead using a few well-chosen flee words in addtion to the more moderate flee porn hosts 1.0 list.

Nobody has every reported that the use of really large lists has proven more helpful in practice than using the above combination. If you use a large list and discover it makes a real difference for you, please let us know.

Unanswered question?

After you have registered on , support can often be had in the private Plucky forum and sometimes in support chat. You can also contact us.

Why are Word, Excel, and One Drive blocked?

Plucky v1.15.x blocks more Windows programs by default. Some of these blocks will probably be removed in the near future. See verdicts.

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

Use .

How can I flee a word on a schedule?

To flee the word pizza from 8:05 to 9:00 AM and from 12:05 to 13:00 PM every day:

pluck + when 8:05-9:00,12:05-13:00 flee word pizza

See when.

Does Plucky support VPNs?

Yes, sometimes, but not always.

It depends on the operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, or Android) and the VPN. Try it, see if it works, and let us know the results (hint: tell us which OS and which VPN)!

How can I block all websites by default, and then only allow specific ones?

Sometimes when users ask for this, they actually want to block all images and videos by default. To do that, import classic configuration.

To block all websites by default, and then to allow

pluck + block otherwise
pluck + allow

A slightly different way to do it:

pluck + block text/html
pluck + unblock chrome:
pluck + allow

Both of those configurations are fairly restrictive.

How do I block the Chrome Web Store?

pluck + block

Or, the more extreme:

pluck + try nobrowserextensions   # try it first because this feature is picky!

Note that nobrowserextensions is quite picky – while required extensions can still be used, if any non-required extension is loaded, every website will be blocked. Note that some browsers have hidden extensions built-in. Hence, the use of try above.

Can I subscribe with Girocard, Klarna, or Paypal?

We don’t accept Paypal because it would require us to spend a lot of time writing the code to integrate Paypal information.

We’ve signed up for the Klarna beta with Stripe, but we haven’t yet been approved.

So, as of 2024-02-12, sorry but no. We only accept whatever Stripe accepts because we don’t want to spend any more time that we absolutely have to writing or maintaining code that does not improve Plucky itself.

How do I allow Google docs and Google sheets without allowing the rest of Google?


pluck + allow

How do I allow all ports from the localhost?


pluck + allow localhost

How does the delay work?

See delay. If you’re still confused, maybe watch the video on . If you’re still confused:

  1. Install Plucky.
  2. Set the delay to 30 seconds, and do not change this value for the next 2 hours.
  3. Use Plucky for 1 hour, allowing at least one site during this time (e.g.

This is commonly called as “try-it-and-see”.

How do I flee a word within an allowed site?

You can not flee words within an allowed site.

Instead of allowing the site, use unblock

pluck + flee word pizza
pluck + unblock

How do I block ADB connections?

Here’s one way to do it:

pluck + block localhost port 5037

Can I enable certain Plucky rules only from certain networks or locations?

If the network/location is used on a schedule (e.g., school), then a when modifier might work. For example,

pluck + when MWF9-12 allow

But beyond that, no, there’e no special support for geographical or network-based rules.

Can I make very small monthly payments?

Sorry, we don’t offer monthly payments below $5 per month because the smaller the payment, the higher the percentage that goes straight to the payment processor. Stripe charges $0.30 per transaction plus 2.9%, so for a $2 payment, 18% would go straight to Stripe. That is the main reason we don’t offer monthly subscriptions at the lowest subscription tier.

Last updated: 2024-05-17