Let’s say Edmund wants to install Plucky on a computer he shares with Susan and Lucy, but he does not want them to know about it. He wants to keep his use of Plucky secret. Is that possible?


Edmund could do this:

  1. Ensure nobody on the computer ever uses or knows about Brave.

  2. Install Brave.

  3. Configure Plucky to only work in Brave.

    pluck + nochrome
    pluck + noedge
    pluck + nofirefox
  4. Allow other users.

    pluck + allow user:susan
  5. Make some final adjustments.

    pluck + system
    pluck + unadmin:edmund
  6. Use “user:edmund” in future rules that should only apply to Edmund.

    pluck + block program:foo user:edmund

The result is kinda discreet. Whether Susan will notice Plucky depends on how tech-savvy she is and how often she uses the computer.


If Edmund has moderate self-control, he might make do with Plucky Lite. But most who use Plucky use the heavy version for good reason.

Last updated: 2022-07-01