This page briefly explains a few of the more basic Plucky commands you can run in a console window to control how Plucky operates.

Readers who are terrified of typing should learn to at least open a console window and type pluck version to fight against their fear.

Seeing and setting the delay

Use the delay command to see your current delay, like so:

pluck delay

Use the delay command followed by a time period to set your current delay, like so:

pluck delay 60

Don’t set your delay to be very long yet, though! Take a few days first to get used to Plucky and ensure it is behaving the way you want it to.

Seeing the future

To see if there are any pending rule changes, use pluck future, like so:

pluck future

If you see no output from the future command, it either means that your delay is 0 (so any changes you make are immediate), or there are no pending changes. If your delay is 0, you can temporarily set your delay to 60 seconds and add an allow rule to see what the future command would normally print:

pluck delay 60
pluck delay 0
pluck + allow
pluck future

Setting the system feature

To enable the system feature (which used to be known as level 2):

pluck + system

To disable the system feature (note that the change won’t take effect for one delay period):

pluck - system

To see if the system feature is enabled, use pluck features, like so:

pluck features

How to add a rule

To add a rule, type pluck - in a console followed by the rule.

pluck + allow

How to remove a rule

To remove a rule, type pluck - in a console followed by the rule.

pluck - allow

Other examples

Some common rule-changing examples follow using the + (add) and - (remove) commands with allow and block rules.

Allowing all media

To allow all media (images, videos, etc.) on a website named or a web page at

pluck + allow
pluck + allow

Blocking all media

To block all media on a website or page:

pluck + block
pluck + block

To block part of a site by url, just block the url. All sub-urls will be automatically blocked.

Blocking images on a particular site

To specifically block images on a particular site, add the image/ media type to the ordinary rule to block a site.

pluck + block image/

Blocking by program

To block a program’s access to the internet:

pluck + block program:foo.exe
pluck + block program bar.exe

Removing rules (undoing)

As + adds, so - removes:

pluck - allow
pluck - allow

Observing allowing and blocking

The verdicts command allows you to see what Plucky is allowing and blocking at a system level. To see the decisions Plucky makes in the browser, see verdicts in the browser.

Complete rule syntax

For a more complete description of the syntax used in Plucky rules, see rules.

More help

Invoke the pluck help and pluck more-help commands to see some other things you can do at the command line.

See also commands.

Last updated: 2022-08-16