Note: If you have an older macOS (Catalina or below), instead of this page, see how to install on macOS Catalina or below.

Plucky 1.12.15, which is an alpha on macOS, supports Big Sur and Monterey.

But it is tricky to install.

In Chrome:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the big “Download” button.
  3. Click Save File.
  4. Click the download arrow, and click on the downloaded file (e.g., Plucky.pkg).
  5. Review the hairy part below.
  6. Follow the installation wizard prompts.
  7. Do the hairy part below (ewe).
  8. Restart your browsers.

the hairy part

Phew! If you were able to do all that, congratulations! You are now one of the few, the proud, the able to install software that Apple has tried their darndest to thoroughly stamp under their +2 Iron Boots of Scary Dialog Boxes. Just a couple steps left.

pluck repair, then restart browsers

After you’re sure you’ve cleared all the hurdles above:

  1. Invoke pluck repair in a terminal window.

  2. Restart Chrome.

If all goes well, Plucky should start to work at this point.

You’ll know the system feature is working if Safari is blocked.

Please do provide feedback if you get it working (or not)!


Uninstalling is also hairy. It is recommended that you disable the system feature before uninstalling. After uninstalling Plucky, if you still see any vestiges of Plucky, install once more, and then immediately uninstall again. We know, terrible!